A greener lighting alternative... LED lighting

There are many reasons to install LED Landscape Lighting at your home:

1. The quality of the light and the ambiance is the same or better than traditional bulbs

2. You will save 75% on your electric costs, thus greatly reducing electrical usage

3. No more lamp replacements and less maintenance (LEDs have a 50,000 hour life)

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Here is a chart that demonstrates the difference between a traditional landscape lighting system compared to an LED landscape lighting system (10 fixture system) over its life-time:

12v Lighting System   Halogen  LED
  Fixtures:   $762.50  $1,412.50  
  Transformer & Wire:   $1,070.00  $647.50
  Replacement bulbs: 
  (at today's rates) 
 $1,560.00  $0.00
  (at today's rates) 
 $1,402.16  $330.74  
Total:   $4,794.66    $2,390.74

The Illuminata Warrenty makes our stunning outdoor lighting as worry-free as it is beautiful.